Not yet finalized MSG-Flow for 'ATM-flows'

Info for inserts-card
No link information between act and comp for inserts-card

You can and paste the above flow representation in a text file or in your favourite text editor using a monospace font. Ofcourse you will loose the context sensitive output and the links towards additional information.

Once the message flow is finalized a graphical representation will be created. As well as a textual reprensentation usable for some free tools.

Decission table

The decission table shows which decissions have been made so far and which to make. The header contains the choice number and the entity making the choice. The choices are shown from left (latest) to right (earlier) which make it handier to follow or adapts. All choices you could have choisen on a specific level are displayed. You can click on the description to make a different choice.

ATM-flows : The user starts a session at an atm.