section responses
  description   The http responses
  message rsp-display-login Displays the login page
  message rsp-display-options The option menu is shown.
  message rsp-display-confirm A confirmation is requested
  message rsp-display-rejected Transaction has been rejected by system
  message rsp-valid-customer The customer is valid
  message rsp-invalid-customer The customer is invalid
  message rsp-card-changed The card properties change result
  message rsp-card-no-change Card property could not be changed
  message rsp-no-balance There is not enough balance on the specified account
  message rsp-too-little The amount is too litle to reach the minimum amount
  message rsp-too-much The amount goes over the maximum amount od repayingt
  message rsp-transferred The money has been transferred
  message rsp-cloud-failure Something went wrong in the cloud
  message rsp-transactions The information about the transacrions
  protocol HTTP-msg Reflect the HTTP messageas used between customer and web=interface.