protocol Acc-Srv
  description   The Internal Account Server Protocol
  message verify-login Verifies the login
  message login-response The reponse for the verify login request
  message update-card-prop Request to change the card properties e.g. block/release
  message card-prop-updated The card properties were updated
  message transfer Customer transfers money from an account to another
  message transferred Customer transferred money from an account to another
  message withdraw Customer redraw money from an account, e.g. card
  message deposit Customer desposit money to an account, e.g. atm
  message request-failed Customer request (e.g. withdraw/transfer) could not redraw money from an account, e.g. no balance
  message show-balance Customer request his balance
  message balance-report The custommer balance report
  message get-transactions Request to retrieve a transactions from an account
  message transaction-info The retrieved transaction information
  message challenge The customer was challenged for verification
  message challenge-result The result of the challenge