Name Description
ACK Acknowledgment
DATA Used to denote data being transmittednothing (no ack).
DATA+ACK Used to denote data with implicit ack.
FIN No more data from sender
FIN+ACK The FINished msg to tell the connection is being closed.
RST Reset the connection
SYN Synchronize sequence numbers
SYN+ACK An accepted synchronization or connetion.
abort-deposit The customer aborts the deposit
account-info The account information
amount-confirmed The customer agrees with the amount counted
amount-to-pay The amount to be paid
auth-invalid The authorization is invalid
auth-valid The authorization is valid
authorize The customer has given its pin/password to authorize himself
balance-displayed The ATM shows the balance
balance-info The balance information
balance-report The custommer balance report
bc-commit-update The update is to be executed
bc-update-accepted The balance update has been accepting (will be processed)
bc-update-balance Request to update the balance of a foreign account
bc-update-rejected The balance update has been rejected (cannot be processed)
card-fraudulent The card is marked as fraudulent and will be confiscated
card-invalid The card is invalid, e.g. cannot be read
card-prop-updated The card properties were updated
card-valid The card is valid
cash-issued The cash has been issued to the customer
challenge The customer was challenged for verification
challenge-result The result of the challenge
change+bill The customer receives change and the bill
changes-committed All related request have been save in the database.
choose-method The customer needs to choose a payment method.
chooses-cash The customer chooses to pay with cash.
chooses-terminal The customer chooses the electronic payment terminal.
collected-trans Transaction information for a specific account (src_acc)
commit-changes Instruction to save all related requests in an atomic action.
confirm-amount The counted cash needs to be confirmed by the customer
confirm-pin The customer needs to confirm the pin-code
contactless-failed The contact-less payment failed
customer-agrees The customer agrees with the order (and amount)
customer-rejects The customer is not satisfied with the amount and aborts the order
deposit Customer desposit money to an account, e.g. atm
deposit-aborted The deposit is aborted and the money is returned
deposit-cash The customer wants to deposit cash
deposit-failed The deposit failed for some reason
deposit-successful The deposit was successfully handled
display-balance The customer wants to see the balance.
fund-transfer Transfer fund from a account (bank) to the web-shop.
get-account-info Retrieve information about an account
get-balance Request to get the balance of an account
get-login Customer click on login on the HomePage.
get-login-details Request to retrieve login details
get-transactions Custommer requested a list of transactions
get-transactions Request to retrieve a transactions from an account
insuf-balance The customer does not have enough balance to withdraw
insufficient-cash The ATM knows it does not have enough cash
login-details The retrieved login details
login-response The reponse for the verify login request
method-chosen The chosen method
mobile-failed The mobile payment failed
not-enough-cash The customer does not have enough cash for the withdrawal
out-of-order The ATM is now out of order
paid The customer paid his bill
payment-failed The overall payment failed
payment-successful The overall payment was successful
pin-invalid The pin code was wrong
post-abandom-transfer The transfer was abandomed
post-card-change Customer request a change for a card
post-confirm Customer confirm the request
post-key-usr-pwd Receive Key, Username and Password
post-refusal Custommer refuses the request
post-select-bills Customer selects bills
post-submit-bills Customer submit its list with bills
post-transfer Customer request to transfer money from one accoun to another, see action
post-withdraw Customer request a withdraw from the specified account
record-updated The customer record was updated
request-failed Customer request (e.g. withdraw/transfer) could not redraw money from an account, e.g. no balance
retrieve-trans Transaction for specific account (src_acc) are to be retrieved
rollback-changes Instruction to rollback all related requests in an atomic action.
rolled-back All related request has been rolled back (not executed) from the database.
rsp-card-changed The card properties change result
rsp-card-no-change Card property could not be changed
rsp-cloud-failure Something went wrong in the cloud
rsp-display-confirm A confirmation is requested
rsp-display-login Displays the login page
rsp-display-options The option menu is shown.
rsp-display-rejected Transaction has been rejected by system
rsp-invalid-customer The customer is invalid
rsp-no-balance There is not enough balance on the specified account
rsp-too-little The amount is too litle to reach the minimum amount
rsp-too-much The amount goes over the maximum amount od repayingt
rsp-transactions The information about the transacrions
rsp-transferred The money has been transferred
rsp-valid-customer The customer is valid
sec-auth-challenge The authorization is challenged (enter pin)
sec-auth-invalid The authorization failed
sec-auth-valid The authorization is valid
sec-authorize The customer authorizes its request, e.g. with pin or password.
sec-balance-info The balance information for a specific account
sec-deposit The customer want to deposit money to a checking account.
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