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This website is free of charge, any information may be used. If reused on a website then it is appreciated if a link is made this site. The graphical references can be used as well, they depend on the drawing service of PlantUML. Keep in mind it are snapshots, changes in the generation will not be reflected. Next to this the plain text can be used in several online tools.

The information is as is, no responsibility can be taken for the correctness of the system nor the data. A system to generate information is only as good as the data it uses to generates things. And the experience on the examples might be limited.

KEP-Software cannot be hold liable for any faults caused by using the website and its content generation

This is experimental software, please report bugs via our contact form. At any moment the website can be taken offline. As the data is in flux it can change or be improved at any time.

I've removed the use of Google Analytics/Adwords which means this is now a website which does not require any cookies nor irritating popups.

Reference Sites

  • Multiple websites exist for generating Sequence-Diagrams out of a text-file. PlantUML was chosen because it completeness and the ability to inline the graphics.
  • The base template for the website was taken from Free CSS Templates