Welcome to my space on the internet. Here I display some of my creations.

Sudoku Helper

A small sudoku game which help you to understand and resolve sudoku puzzles. Click here to visit.

Interactively create Message-Diagrams

This site allows you to interactively create sequence or message diagrams. Rather then using the 'alt' (if then else) of UML diagrams it interactively makes the choices on the fly. This influences the outcome of the sequence diagram. The idease behind this are discussed Message Diagrams page. I have made some statements below to check if the website is interesting enough to visit. Of course you are more than welcome to browse the site anyway. If the textual list of interests is too boring to read then please have a look at the right where you can read and decide using an Activity-Diagram. So this a site for you if you are interested in one of the following:

  • Interactively created Sequence/Message Diagrams;
  • Sequence Diagrams in a Banking environment;
  • Sequence Diagrams for Short Message Service Centers;
  • Sequence Diagrams for Unix Services;
  • UML Sequence Diagrams;
  • Like the thumbnail examples below? Click on them to interactively adapt the examples;
  • Tired of creating or adapting all Message Diagrams in case some new stuff is added;
  • A tool which interactively create a Message Diagram rather than having all permutations on paper;
  • Generate links based on data and the knowledge stored in the PKB;
  • A technical website rather than a fancy website;
  • More information about the Product Knowledge Base;
  • More information about KEP.

Then this website is something for you. If none of the above applies to you then of course you are welcome to browse around :-). One point of attention the message flow and its data depends on data put into it. That data will be extended over time. In case you did not notice it the website is not optimised for mobile users. Who knows in future it might be adapted. If you have good ideas for improvements or complete new examples then you are welcome to contact me.

With kind regards,


Banking - Examples
Transfer funds Merchant Contact-less
Web-Shop iDEAL ATM withdrawal
Simple SMSC - Examples
Successful Moble to Mobile over SS7 Successful UCP submit
Retry Mobile to SS7 then SIP Mobile to Mobile retry
Unix Services - Examples
Successful telnet login Telnet no listener
Versatile - Example
Passenger boards Airplane