Simple SMSC - Product Knowledge Base

This knowledge base represents a small SMSC. It simulates the interaction between the SMSC and its external parties being the Applications and the User Equipment. It does not simulate the extensive other elements. For a start see the overview of the entities involved. You will see the Applications in 3 different variants (UCP, SMPP and CIMD2), The SMSC which exists of the Interworkers, the CORE and a Storage all to simulate a possible building blocks of an SMSC. And on the mobile side the UE and a simple representation of an HLR/HSS. This is just my perception of the components within a SMSC. In case there ideas to improve then please contact me.

Example Message-Diagram

The following example shows an Application starting an UCP session, which is authenticated and then submits message. The message is store and an acknowledgement is delivered. The message is delivered to the Mobile (UE MT). In this case over SS7. In total 10 choices wer made to come to this daigram. On the interactive Sequence Diagram you can play with the choices and thus create different outcomes. At some places there are limitation (e.g. on the amount of message submitted). You will see taht of lot of different combinations are possible. The system will only ask for a 'choice' if there is something to choose from.

Textual output (no links)

Graphical output

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